Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Update

Not everything is about me.... This is what has been going on with the family:
Kenlee has a long extended summer vacation because she has gone from track A to track D. She is loving not having homework and playing with her friends. She isn't a big fan of daycare and i wish I didn't have to send her there. We are trying to help her become more independent so that some day she will be able to stay home by herself (maybe 6th grade?). She still has some maturing to do before that will happen.
Justin is staying really busy at work. The summer time is usually the most busy season of the year. At home he stays busy with his fish hobby. He recently bought 6 tanks to breed fish in. The fish will become food for the bigger fish eventually. Keeping all the water changed and making sure the fish are fed and healthy can be a lot of work! Right now he has a total of 12 aquariums going!

More updates to come........Later!


Aubrey Anne said...

I never would have guessed fish would end up being Justin's hobby! lol

I'm sad Kenlee doesn't like daycare. :( I wish you guys lived closer so we could watch her instead! She's getting old, though, and will be able to stay home soon! :)

natterbee said...

Thanks for the updates - I enjoy reading your blog!