Friday, February 26, 2010

12 Years!

February 27, 1998 I started working at my current employer! I was 19 years old and pregnant. I started as the receptionist, then started helping out with our parts counter as I became more knowledgeable about our products. After 5 years of being a receptionist, a position opened up in the Credit and A/R Department and I jumped at the chance to move up. Later that same year our A/P person retired and I took on his responsibilities as well. I have been doing it all ever since!
Working here has been one of the best decisions of my life. I love my job (most days) and the people I work with have become like family. I am truely grateful!

Here's a picture I found that was taken shortly after I started......

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is why we put up with the naughty kitty. How cute is she! Don't you just want to pick her up and cuddle???

Immediate Gratification

When it comes to down to diet and exercise, I need immediate gratification. Since Sunday, I have exercised and been (I thought) really good about what I ate. So why, oh why have I remained the exact same the ounce??? I'm baffled! Never have I weighed the exact same for even 2 days in a row. I usually fluctuate a couple pounds, even in one day, from morning to night. Needless to say, I am I stopped by McDonalds for a large Coke this morning (maybe a sausage McMuffin too, I'll never tell).
I will not give up though! Its just a small setback, right?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Naughty, Naughty Kitty!

We have had our new cat for about 6 months now. If she wasn't so special, I don't think I could deal with all the mischief. Here are her most recent activities:

She knocked my plant over, broke the pot and made a huge mess.

She was climbing the drapes in my room and completely tore them out of the wall.

She is slowly shredding my wicker cubes...these are her favorite.

She has tore up the carpet so badly by my bedroom door, we had to put tape down to prevent further damage. I don't know how we are going to fix this. Can you say....Expensive!

Also, she was in heat last week. We couldn't believe this...she's still so little. I guess they start that as soon as 6 months. She is scheduled to be spay and declawed on March 2nd and boy am I ready for it!
Overall though, she is a really good and smart kitty. She is very loving and likes to be held like a baby. Also.....she plays fetch, for real! She will bring you a ball and put it right next to you. I have never seen a cat do it and its so funny. I will take some video later and post it on here to prove it!
So, if you are thinking about getting a kitten, know what you are getting in to! They are super cute because they have to be so you don't kill them!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I feel BLAH!
I haven't been exercising......I have been eating way too much..........and I am broke.
This too shall pass...right?

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today is Kenlee's last day of daycare. Our wonderful neighbor, Sarah has offered to take her before and after school and off track. We hope this will help out both her and our families financially. I think we all are feeling the squeeze on our pocketbook right now. I hope all goes well and this will eventually transition her to being home alone....someday (middle school at least).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When Justin sold his fancy Aquarium that was in our kitchen, we took the money and invested in this:
These pictures are to show size comparison.......

Kenlee's new Time-Out (just kidding)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bye-bye Fishies

Its gone.
From this....

To this......
We have no more fish! My kitchen feels so empty without the tank. I am looking for a black hutch/cabinet thingy for this wall. Keep your eyes open for me.

Homemade Oreos

So, cookies are kind of my specialty. I love trying new recipes. I made these super easy homemade Oreos and they turned out really good. I thought I would share the recipe:
2- pkgs Devil's food cake mixes
4- eggs
1 1/2 C shortening

Mix together in large bowl. Roll into small prune-size balls. Bake at 350 degs on cookie sheet for 10 minutes. Let cool on sheet for a few minutes, then cool completely on wire rack.


8 oz. cream cheese
3 C powdered sugar
1/2 stick butter

Mix together and put between 2 cookies.
Its just that easy! Enjoy!