Thursday, July 31, 2008

My 4th Grader

So this week Kenlee has started the 4th grade. Her teacher, Ms. Mumford, is new to the school and seems really nice. Her new classroom is out in a portable, she complains about it being freezing and takes a sweatshirt. Though she won't admit it....she is glad to be back in school. (I don't think that she liked being at daycare all day.) She has been really good about doing her homework at daycare right after school so that when she gets home, she can play. As usual, she is the smallest kid in her class. I guess we'll see how it goes.
Other stuff.......
Our trailer is not selling. We have had some calls and actually showed it to a few people. The first couple we showed it to happened to know Grandma Madsen. She was talking to me about her life and everything and she mentioned that she was a librarian at Joel P. Jensen Middle School, not actually when Grandma Madsen taught there, but shortly after her retirement. I can't remember exactly how she knew her but she did. Their last name was Minza or Mensa or something like that. They didn't buy it though. :( So now we just keep waiting and crossing our fingers!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trailer For Sale

We are selling our trailer! I am really NOT sad about it. We bought it in 2003 and maybe used it 9 times. Sure, it was fun the few times that we went camping. We have realized that it's just a waste of money for us. With gas prices as high as they are right now, our old pickup truck costs a fortune to go anywhere. So here we are. I hope that the ksl classifieds comes through for us this time as it has in the past. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Love Our Neighbors!!

I have to say that I live on the best street in Herriman, maybe the world! We all get along so well. We are like a big family. In the summer we all hang out in the road and talk about anything and everything while the kids run wild. It's the best! It's so great to have people alway willing to help each other out no matter what you have going on, they even volunteer! With that said...the Taylor's are leaving us. They have sold their house and are moving out next week. We have tried to talk them out of it with guilt, bribes, you name it, it didn't work. So, this Saturday we will be attending their farewell party. It should be a lot of fun. We love them and will miss them a ton.
This is a picture of us (except Sarah who unfortunately couldn't make it) out with Mandi at Chili's for a going away dinner "Girl's Only"
Picture left to right, top to bottom: Amanda, Mandi, Me (Krista), Amy and Sharley

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July

Justin decided on Thursday the 3rd that he was taking a trip to Las Vegas for the holiday. He had a bunch of poker friends that were going down and he wanted to join them. One of his friends entered the Main Event for the"World Series of Poker", which is a pretty big deal because to enter it costs $10,000. I think its totally insane! Unfortunately, he only lasted 5 hours. How heartbreaking is that!
But...Justin had a good time and got some much needed time off.

Kenlee and I spent the holiday with my boss Phil and his family. They had losts of yummy things to eat and a ton of fireworks. Kenlee really enjoyed it, I think she might take after her dad and his pyromania. I just really enjoyed having a 3 day weekend, I wish I had one every week.

Dieting Woes

My weight loss has become stagnant. I only have 2 weeks before my goal date and have about 8lbs more to go. I am getting distressed. I have dramatically changed the way I eat and have been exercising, a little. For me, actually motivating myself to exercise is tough. I wish I had more time in the mornings to exercise before work. Does anyone actually do that? It seems like the only time I have is after 8pm when Kenlee has gone to bed. When I do that, I get all wound up and can't sleep, then I have to take a Tylenol PM. Not heathly, right? Grrrrrrrrrrr. HELP!!!