Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Together

Yep, we are a package can't have one without the other :) He's my best friend. It just works!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ragnar Rocks!!

I survived the Las Vegas Ragnar! It was so much fun, I can't even describe it! All the girls on my team were! We gathered in Provo (see picture below) and drove to Mequite where we stayed at one of the girl's parents house. We woke at 4am to head out and make the drive to the Valley of Fire, to the start line. It was so gorgeous there. We started the race at 7:15am. I was runner #2, I started around 8am. My first run was 8.8 miles, rated very hard. My team drove ahead and stopped a couple times to offer me water and lots of encouragement! I feel like I did pretty dang good! All the time I spent training really paid off. My second run began around 7pm and it was 4.3miles rated easy...It was NOT easy! My third and final run began sometime around 4am and I rocked it!!! 3.0 miles (5k) rated easy and I finished in just under 23 minutes...I have never ran that fast...I was floating by the about an adrenaline rush! L to R: Me, Jenn, Katie, Rebecca, Raychel, Kelli, Sara, Amy
Bottom: Sarah and Bobbi
(our other 2 runners met us in Vegas)
I'm on the team! YAY!!!
Our team name was "Training Broads"
Jenn giving me water during my first run.
keep on runnin'
And runnin'
Me, Rebecca, Sarah and Jenn at a water fountain in the Venitian (pic is out of order)
Van #1 waiting for the rest of our team at the finish line
The whole team at the finish line....195 miles in 31.07 hours

All the girls at the Venetian

We ran 195 miles through the desert in 31.07 hours. We finished 9th in the Women's Division! Not too bad for only getting 2 hours of sleep in 2 days, a pregnant woman, one trip to the ER and a knee injury.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vegas here we come!

I leave Thursday morning for the Ragnar in Las Vegas! I am so nervous and excited! I think (I hope) I am ready. We will be running from 7am Friday until about 2:30pm Saturday. Our team, 12 fabulous women, are called "Training Broads". Bringing a few necessities....sleeping bag, baby wipes, energy Gu, toothbrush and running shoes.... and off I go!
I will post pictures when I return. Wish me luck!
Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Pictures at Wheeler Farm

On Saturday I took my Mom and Dad with our family to Wheeler Farm to get pictures taken. Phil, my boss, kindly volunteered to take them for us. I think we got some really good ones!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Kenlee

On Friday, October 1st Kenlee turned 12! We had a little party for her at the house and it was a lot of fun for her and her friends.
Kenlee with her cake!
Giant Cupcake birthday cake
My boss let me borrow his bounce house for the party! It was a huge hit and the girls loved it. This was good for me because I was not super greaty at party-planning this year.
Classic Kenlee face!
Kenlee bouncing
Kenlee was super spoiled again this year!
She was really happy that her counsins got to come! Thanks Nat, for making the long drive to bring them :)