Monday, July 20, 2009

Johnson Family Reunion 2009

On Saturday we attended the Johnson Family Reunion. Justin's great grandparents on his mother's side were Grandma & Grandpa J. I didn't ever get to meet Grandpa J, he passed on before I was in the family and Granda J passed away shortly after Kenlee was born. I have heard many wonderful stories about them. They were very caring, giving and accepting and have a special place in many hearts.
I have a special picture of Grandma J holding Kenlee when she was a baby. I'll have to scan it and add it here. later.
I'm not sure how many people were in attendance, but we were a crowd. Here are some pictures of the festivities
Justin and Kenlee listening to the live band!
Brett, Justin, Me and Stacey
Kenlee and cousins feeding the ducks
Justin and Kenlee by the stream


natterbee said...

Cute pictures of the reunion. Boy, in the pictures it doesn't even look hot! Thanks for posting them.

Debbie said...

Wow! I was thinking the same thing - it doesn't even look hot, in spite of the 101 degree temps! Good pictures.