Wednesday, July 1, 2009


After coming back from Vegas, we took a few extra days off to relax at home. On Thursday, we decided to go to Cowabunga Bay, the new water park that just opened in Draper. They have a bunch of waterslides and a lazy river. The weather was mild and so the waterslide area was freezing! I thought it was a little overpriced. I think if we go again, the weather will have to be a lot warmer, so we can actually enjoy the waterslides.

Note the goggles...Kenlee wore them the whole daughter!

I thought her face was hilarious on this one!


Amanda said...

That is an awesome picture of Kenlee. You should blow it up and frame it. It was fun to see you there. We had a good time as well.

Aubrey Anne said...

That looks like fun!! And I LOVE the new layout of your blog. That's a great picture of your family!