Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Off

Wednesday, I took the day off work. Without much sleep the night before, I woke up like I normally would and started the daily routine. When it was close to the time I should have been thinking about leaving, I really wasn't. I called in...not sick....I just needed a day off, unplanned. I did feel guilty that Justin did have to go in, running on less sleep than me....He needs a day off to himself too dangit!
Anyway, I finally finished painting Kenlee's room....a project I have been working on for nearly 2 months now. I will have to post some pictures when we get it all decorated.
Oh how I wish I had a day off during the week, every week. I am convinced that I would be a much better Mother and Wife.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Can you see my heart smile?

I agree with Justin on this one, Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday. We don't need excuses or holidays to come along to show our love.

But, being a girl, I do love the chocolates, flowers and all the pink and red that it comes with!

So...Happy Valentine's Day! Make today special for your sweetheart!

"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Daddy is 60!!!

Happy Birthday to the VERY BEST DAD in the whole world!
I am so blessed to have him! He is awesome and if you know him you would agree! Here's to many, many more years to come!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Running from Depression

For a while now I haven't felt like myself. I haven't wanted to do anything or really cared about much. Sure, I got myself out of bed every day and went to work....but I really, really didn't want to! I don't think I have ever felt like this in my life. Deep down, I knew what it really was.....I needed to exercise, not just exercise.....RUN!
Yesterday was a nice day....not too cold and the sun was out. It was calling me and I couldn't deny it any longer......I ran! Let me tell you....I feel sooooo much better. It really is like a drug for me. Running with the sun shining on my face is just the antidepressant I needed.
I found an interesting article on the subject and thought I would share it.....


The Neuroplasticity of the Brain Means that Exercise Reshapes BrainA definite relationship exists between exercise and depression. Exercise promotes new cell growth in the brain. If depression is a form of cell death, then exercise is the best strategy against this kind of neural paralysis. The neuroplasticity of the brain means that exercise reshapes the brain.

Prolonged and intense running releases endorphins or brain chemicals that produce a sense of elation. These endorphins are probably the reasons behind the proverbial runner's high.

While jogging, the body releases phenylalamine (PEA), a neurotransmitter that stimulates mental alertness; it also releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin (most commonly associated with antidepressants) that affect the mind in a positive way.

Not only does running release mood elevating neurochemicals, it also alters the rhythm of brain activity. The repetitive and rhythmic strides of jogging induces alpha brain waves, also known as the sensorimotor rhythm so often associated with meditation and the calm alertness of the "flow."

EEG sensors show that running reduces the thinking centers of the prefrontal cortex and increases the activity of the brain's motor centers. The emptying of the mind results in a sense of peace and calm.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best Nail Polish!

Essie is THE BEST nail polish I have ever used. As I have mentioned before, I have horrible nails. They are so weak, cracking and peeling. When I paint my nails, it never, ever lasts...not even a day without chipping matter what polish I use. Until now.......I love Essie nail polish! It goes on pretty thin and dries SOOOOOO fast! Only 2 coats and you are done! I am in love!
The only draw back is the price, about $8. But hey, they even sell it at Walmart and Target now. You have to try it...I promise you'll love it :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

THE Root Canal

Wednesday I took Kenlee in for her root canal. We had to see an endodontist because her pediatric dentist does not do root canals. I think I was as nervous as she was. I had no idea what to expect because I have never had one. I told her to bring her blanket thinking she might get cold being in the chair for so long and it might bring her comfort too. Once we were called back to the exam room, she started freaking out and saying "no, no...I'm not here". When I finally got her back to the room, they needed to take an x-ray of the tooth. It was terrible...the film they had was big for her mouth and hurt her to bite down. She was throwing a fit and after 2 dental assistants couldn't get the x-ray done, they brought the dentist back to do it. After about 15 minutes and some screaming from her....he finally got it done. She had herself all worked up and was a mess...crying and shaking. At this point I am begging them for the nitrous oxide. Once they finally got the "gas mask" on and it had been a few minutes....she was a totally different kid. She did complain about the numbing shots, but handled it better than I had imagined.
Oh, nitrous are wonderful (and totally worth $60)! She was giggling and trying to talk the whole time. After a total of 1 hr and 45 min, we were done. Now she has to go in to her regular dentist and have a filling put in that tooth. When she gets a little older they will do a crown. I am not sure why they wait, he just said that's what they do. A filling it a lot cheaper, so it sounds good to me.