Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Renewing My Driver's License

I was so blown away by my experience this morning that I had to tell everyone about it. My driver's license expires on my birthday, which is Friday. I thought this morning would be as good of a time as any to renew it. After veiwing the website, I found the nearest location to be in Draper on Minuteman Drive. They open at 7am, to my surprise. (I assume to make up for being closed on Friday)
I arrived at about 7:35am.
First off....I had a little trouble actually getting to the right parking area, but eventually accomplished that. When I went in, I filled out the form and stood in line to get my number (I was the only one in line). As soon as he handed me my number they were calling it to be served at one of the stations. Keep in mind, I had only actually been in the building for like 4 minutes max. I was greeted at the station by a very pleasant woman....not your typical rude, I hate my life and this job sucks type person....which I totally expected. I was amazed, she was very friendly and made my experience very pleasant. She even let me take my picture over when the first one didn't turn out well.
I would say in all, I was there only 10 minutes. Can you believe it!!!!! I was only 15 minutes late for work and that was because I stopped for a Jamba Juice. I don't know if this was a fluke and I just happened to go at the perfect time or what. Whatever the case....I'll take it as an early Birthday present :)


Amanda said...

Wow! I've had nothing but experiences there as well. Happy early Birthday! Any plans for the big day?

Debbie said...

I know the Fridays off are sometimes a pain but really for the working population these before and after work hours do make a huge difference. If we all work the same 8-5, it's hard to get these things done. Early times are probably unexpected and underutilized so maybe it was the timing, or maybe there really has been some improvement overall. My experience a few years ago in Farmington was also quick and easy. Glad you had a painless pre-birthday experience.

natterbee said...

I, too, have had good experiences at the DMV the last couple of times I've gone! It was a little ridiculous that I had to get a new license because mine expired just 3 months after I had gotten a new one due to losing one, but at least it didn't take a long time and the people were nice.

RN 4 Kids said...

i need a renewal this year...thanks for the tips! Not sure if I can get my bottom out of bed that early...sheesh!! but worth it for a short trip!