Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Diets are stupid!

I just thought I would take a minute to say how bad being on a diet makes me feel.......

I was starving Monday morning, I didn't get a chance to get breakfast so I had a Fiber 1 bar that was in my desk at work. By the time lunch rolled around, I was famished! I drove over to Walmart on my lunch break to get some cereal and milk for breakfast for the rest of the week so that I wouldn't have another morning like that morning. I was feeling a little naughty and thought I could just stop at the Mc Donalds and get a Filet-O-Fish (love them) or McNuggets, they weren't too high in calories. After a lot on inner debating, I decided not to......I got a small package of Carl Budding meat and a loaf of Sara Lee "Delightful" bread (its actually really good and only 45 calories a slice). I was so proud of myself. When I got home Monday night, I had another low calorie sandwich. I was doing great as far as calories were concerned. Then I got on the scale.....I had gained 2 pounds!!! NO kidding! I was beyond upset! I know that my weight fluctuates during the course of a day, but not 2 whole entire pounds!! I immediately put on my running shoes and set out to sweat off some of this weight. I only went a couple miles and decided I wanted to change it up a little. I got home and put in my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (which I haven't done for over a month). I felt so much better when I got done and today my muscles are a little sore...that's a good sign! I just needed to change my routine a little.
...Which brings me to today. I get to work and someone bought donuts. I am not a huge fan of donuts, but this donut place makes the best brownies ever! And wouldn't you know it, they had one saved for me. So I ate it.....and then I had a glazed donut. They were soooooooooooooo good!! Now I feel terrible...this is why I hate diets, they make me feel out of control and like I am a huge failure!
So, I have a new plan. I will lose those 5 pounds that I really want to lose, it just might take me a while longer to do it. I am not giving myself a deadline. I will continue to exercise as much as possible and do my best not to eat crap.... and that's it!

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Aubrey Anne said...

You've done so GREAT! I hate how weight fluctuates like that and sneaks up on you when you're doing really well! If it helps at all, I'm way impressed and hope I can do as well as you when my baby is born and I can exercise and diet again!