Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty pictures

My new phone has the best camera I have ever used. Here are some of the shots that I have taken with it.
These were from Rockport Res, Strawberry Res, and driving to and from those places. Enjoy!

7th grader

On August 29th Kenlee started 7th grade! She goes to the middle school just a couple blocks from our house! You can actually see it from our backyard. It's huge!
She has had some ups and downs, stress and anxiety. All in all I think she's liking much as a kid can like school anyway. She really enjoys the options at lunch and getting to pick whatever she wants. I like that too after having to make her lunches for years!
Of all her classes, keyboarding is stressing her out the most. I am not a very good typist so I can relate to that. Her Math book is online and so COOL! It has very helpful video tutorials.....Man could I have used that when I was in school!
Anyway, that's my update on her for now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Boat Success!!!

We went up to Rockport Resevoir last weekend to test out the boat. After many trial and error's.....IT WORKED!!! We were so excited! We borrowed a tube from the neighbors and pulled Kenlee around the lake. On Sunday our neighbors came up to play. Their little boy joined Kenlee in the tube...they had a blast! It's just sad that it has taken all summer to get it going. Better late than never, I guess.