Monday, August 30, 2010

Ragnar Las Vegas- 8 week countdown

On October 22nd and 23rd I will be running in the Las Vegas Ragnar relay race! Its a relay race with 12 runners per team. We will be running all day and through the night for a total of 195 miles. I am so excited and terrified at the same time. So, for the next 8 weeks I will be running my butt off! My neighbor and BFF, Sarah, got me into this and I am so glad she did. She is quite a bit faster than I am and a great motivator for me. We have been running 8.5 miles up Yellow Fork Canyon for the last couple Saturday mornings. The first time, I thought I was going to was 97 degrees and it took me all day to recover. This last Saturday though, it was fabulous! Wish me's to miles and miles of pavement and gallons of sweat!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

She can SWIM!

Back when Kenlee was about 5 years old we put her in swimming lessons. This was before we had her ADHD under control. It was a total waste of money and time. She just did her own thing and didn't learn anything.
This year Sarah (my good friend & neighbor) watched her while she was out of school for the summer. She took Kenlee to swimming lessons with her kids. I am proud to say that Kenlee can now swim! Its kind of sad that it has taken this long. She picked up on it super fast and did a great job!

Diving is not her favorite
Kenlee in a race with a boy doing the breaststroke
She was really good at it and won this little race!
I'm not sure what this dive is!
With friends during free time

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mom and Dad are coming!

I ordered the tickets for my parents to come and visit! I am super excited to see them! They will be here from September 25th through November 2nd...over a month! They will get to be here for my Mom, Kenlee and Justin's birthdays and Halloween!!!

Moon Lake 2010

We went camping at Moon Lake from Thurs. Aug 5th -Sun. Aug. 8th. It was our little family and Ken, Justin's Dad, and Ashlie (Kenlee's cousin). It's really beautiful up there. The weather stayed cool and it rained almost every day. But, we had fun anyway! Justin took up his boat and did some fishing with the girls and his Dad. Ken brought up his canoe. Ashlie and Kenlee both liked taking the canoe out with him. Other than Kenlee throwing up in the tent the first night and making a nasty mess and Ken not feeling well for the last little bit of the trip, it went pretty well. Enjoy the pics!
On the Hike
Our campsite
Sitting around the campfire

Kenlee and Ashlie being sillyUs girls being silly in the tent when it was raining.
Grandpa carving Kenlee's name on a piece of wood.
Beginning our hike

Ashlie taking a break
Kenlee is not a hiker...yep, she pretty much hates it. Ashlie was a trooper though :)