Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brine Shrimp Fishin'

Last weekend we went over by the Great Saltair to some small ponds on the other side of the lake to get some brine shrimp. However, we were not prepared for the job (getting in the water). We observed other people collecting brine shrimp, they had rubber boots. BRILLIANT! Something to remember for next time. Justin decided that he was not leaving empty handed. He rolled up his pants and got right in. Here are some pictures of our little adventure.........

The bucket with the brine shrimp

Justin fishin'

I guess I should mention that Justin feeds brine shrimp to his fish. They love it and it's kind of fun to see them alive. He mostly gets frozen brine shrimp cubes, so this was a real treat for the fishies.

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Ken Miller said...

My dad and my uncle Ned worked together harvesting brine shrimp from the Great Salt Lake back in the early '50s. I can remember seeing pictures of them with large nets.

They were going to make a fortune at it. I don't remember why they quit. They were brine shrimp pioneers! :)