Friday, September 5, 2008


I've been tagged by Aubrey. Since I have a minute I decided to do it!

*Being a mother (although I stink on ice at it)!
*Having my parents be proud of me.
*Reading, my new found hobby!

3Fears: (Actually 4)
*Losing loved ones. Doesn't everyone have this fear?
*Having something bad happen to Kenlee during the day at school or at daycare and being at work, which it way too far from her!
*Being on a weight rollercoaster for the rest of my lfe.
*Being in a bank or store when its being robbed and having to strip down to my underwear. I know it's totally irrational, but I think about it every morning when I'm getting dressed.

*Get CBA credentials. Almost there! I'm taking my last class now.
*Paying off the last of our debt and having a substantial savings.
*Make more money than Justin! (kind of a joke, but not really)

I just realized they all have to do with money, what does that say about me?

3Current Obsessions:
*Reading, all the extra time I have, even when I should be doing other things.
*Soda, I have to have 2 fountain sodas everyday. I don't ever drink more than half of them, I just feel like I have to have one at all times.
*Body Scrub! Breathe Romance Body Scrub in Amber Myrrh. I bought it on clearance at Bath and Body works and its discontinued now!!!! I have been using it everyday and can't imagine living without it! (I did find some on eBay so I'm not totally panicking yet)

3Random/Surprising Facts:
*I listen to AM talk radio in my car every week day. I rarely turn my radio to FM.
*I have been at my current job for over 10 years. I started here when I was 19 years old!
*I have to make my bed every day, even on the weekend. My whole house could be a wreck and it wouldn't bother me as bad as not having my bed made.

Well Aubrey, there ya go! More than you or anyone ever wanted to know!

Now I tag..... Crystal, Randi, Sarah, Amy, Sharley and anyone else who wants to share!

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Aubrey Anne said...

hahaha caught naked in a bank. That's hilarious. And I totally relate, I'm afraid of irrational stuff like that and think about it every day too.