Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kenlee's 10th Birthday Countdown- 7 days to go

Kenlee turns 10 YEARS OLD in one week!!! I can't even believe it.
She wants to have a party this year. Its a significant milestone so I guess that's what we'll do.
So, this weekend will be spent making invitations.
Here's my dilema......who do you invite? Of course she wants as many friends as possible; kids from school, cousins, neighbor friends. Where do you draw the line? Do you have 2 parties?
I was thinking about doing age appropriate games and activities, so little ones might make things too chaotic. What to do, what to do...

By the way.....
My dad is out of the hospital. He is home now and feeling so much better.
I think Avery might be home too. Nobody has told me and I know he was doing much better.


Rangelina said...

Let me know what I can do to help!

Aubrey Anne said...

I would just tell her a certain number of kids you'd feel comfortable having in your home! That's what my mom always did... and it gives her an excuse - if she doesn't want to invite someone, she can say, "I can only invite 7 people." Kinda takes the guilt out of not inviting someone she's not crazy about. Just a thought.

I haven't heard about Avery either... Hopefully no news is good news. I'm so glad your dad is feeling better!!