Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hip, school, projects

My hip still hurts. I haven't been to the doctor. I have been taking Ibuprofen and it is helping a lot, until it wears off and oh boy I know it! I hate going to the doctor if it is not necessary, but I think I am to the point that is IS necessary!You know what they do for a stress fracture in your hip? Nothing, they tell you not to run. All the other things I think it could be can be treated by not running. Blah! I really want to run too!
On to other things.....
Kenlee will complete Elementary School on Friday. I am a little sick about it. I surely cannot be the mother of a 7th grader...no way! This year has FLOWN by!

Justin's new boat is under construction! His Dad came out last Saturday to help and he worked and worked to clean out the rotting wood in the back of it. Then they will pour in some kind of casting stuff that will support it and do some fiberglass work. Justin says it is a lot more work than he had originally thought. He is very grateful for his father's willingness to help out with this project!


Debbie said...

Don't those projects always take more time and work than we think they would? Maybe that's good - we might never take on a project otherwise. So sorry about your hip - yet you still finished the race! Good job.

The Beckstead's said...

Crazy, Kenlee will be in 7th grade! Wow, how time flies :)