Monday, June 13, 2011

Sick, busy and life goes on....

We planned on going to Southern Utah for Memorial weekend. We were going to camp in the truck and go see the Four Corners area. Justin got really sick and we stayed home instead.
We sold our Bass boat (almost instantly after it was listed on KSL). Justin inherited a trolling motor from Grandpa Madsen after he passed away and it wouldn't fit on the back of that boat. So, he sold it and found another one. The new boat is bigger and more like a regular boat. It does, however, need quite a few things done to it before it is ready for the lake. Justin has been working on that and hopefully between him and his Dad, they can do the repairs it requires and we'll be casting our lines soon!
We are still trying to sell our old pickup truck. We have listed it several times and have not received any serious offers. It has been such a good truck, its hard to believe that someone doesn't want it. Oh well, we will keep trying.
Kenlee is growing so fast. I think she has finally started really growing. Since Christmas she has grown 3 sizes! I didn't realize how lucky I was that she was able to wear the same size for so long. I have had to buy her all new clothes!
The Wasatch Back Ragnar is Friday! I cannot believe that it is here already. My training has been so horrible for this race. I am a little worried I might die...only kidding. I know its going to be tough though. Last week I was really sick. (I think I got what Justin had over Memorial weekend.) The doctor got me on anti-biotics and I am almost fully recovered now. This years Ragnar is going to be a lott different than the one I did in Vegas. We have a co-ed team, I have to run more miles, I am about 8 pounds heavier and the elevation is dramatically different. But, I am still excited and can't wait! Stay tuned for updates!


Debbie said...

I hope Justin is feeling better and good luck with the Ragnar!! Love the pics - especially your header. Love you guys!

natterbee said...

Good luck on your race! You'll do great, I'm sure!