Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wasatch Back Ragnar 2011

I survived the Wasatch Back Ragnar! Although I did get injured, I had an AWESOME time! I completed my first run, a 6.9 mile downhill run on a dusty, rocky, dirt road. I also completed my second run, all uphill 8.1 miles at around 1am. My second run was the hardest run I have ever done. At about mile 5, my hip starting hurting me and by mile 7 I was almost in tears. I did complete it but, my body was not too happy with me. We got a few hours of sleep after my run and when I woke up, I could barely walk. My hip was messed up. I am still not sure what was wrong. I am thinking maybe a pulled muscle. I am walking better now and I feel like in a couple more days, I should be fine. My awesome friend, Sarah, completed my second run for me. It was only 3 miles, thank goodness, and I am so grateful that she was willing and able to do that for me! She was a life-saver!
Here are some pics of me and my team:
My van leaving home Friday morning

My team at the finish

My fun and crazy peeps!


Amanda said...

Way to go Krista! You are a champ and so amazing to finish your 2nd leg. Hope the healing process goes well and you are up and running soon:)

natterbee said...

What an awesome accomplishment! You're a great example!!!