Friday, April 23, 2010


We have been changing some things in our yard recently. We had a nasty, old rock pile in the back of our house that we never did anything with and giant boulders in the front that were a major pain to trim and cut around. We decided a few weeks ago that they had to go. We found a guy on KSL that happened to live down the street, who offered to take away any unwanted rocks for free. We took him up on his offer!
These are the before pictures....

The other day when Justin was out working in the yard, I happened to look out my back window and to my surprise, I saw this.....

I just had to get pictures of this! Yes, that's Kenlee, the child that has never in her life done any sort of physical labor. Maybe there's hope for her after all :)

(I should also note......that outfit is all her, no help from mom on that one! Oh, and the only way to do yard work in flip-flops is while wearing toe socks...duh!)

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Debbie said...

Wow! Good work Kenlee