Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Self-Control!

I have no self-control! NONE! Well, right now anyways.
I have been having the hardest time getting back into dieting and exercising lately. I have been eating all the wrong things and not exercising like I should. I did, however, go for 2 short (2 mile) runs over the weekend and that felt great. Oh, how I've missed running...its like my favorite exercise in the world (as long as its not all uphill and too far). Now as I look outside, I see snow...I do not run in snow or cold weather. Blah!
Oh, and good news...I have oficially worn out the shoes I bought last year...time for new ones! They have been broken down and I could feel it in my ankles and knees as I was running this past weekend. What's amazing to me is, I heard that your running shoes were only good for 100 miles....could I have really ran 100 miles??? I know for real runners, 100 miles is a piece of cake, but for me...100 miles...WOW!!! So that feels like a milestone for worn out pair of running sneakers that have probably gone at least 100 miles!! YAY!!
And....... I have gained weight again. Which brings me back to why I am blogging about this. I can't believe how fast it goes back on!! Its really not fair! I will be on a diet for the rest of my life...or at least on and off a diet for the rest of my life.
May 1st begins yet another attempt at taking control over my body. I can and will do this!


char_char said...

Don't give up!! I know it's hard when the weather is yucky. Congrats on doing 100 miles! That is amazing!

natterbee said...

You're amazing! I am so impressed by how quickly you recover when you start to "lose control". You're doing great; keep up the good work.