Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Times

On Saturday, we went out with some of the guys from my work shooting. We had the best time! Here are some of the pictures..... Everyone with their weapon (unloaded, of course) Kenlee shooting a .22 rifle for the first time. She did really well and followed her Daddy's instructions closely.

She also got to shoot this little .22 cowboy pistol.
This is my Boss' gun, its an AR-15...is was AWESOME!
Justin with his gun of choice...Dan Wesson, 1911 .45 cal

Family portrait...isn't that cute!

We are hard core, just look at us...lol!


natterbee said...

That family photo would make a great Christmas card photo - and just think - you wouldn't have to schedule a photo shoot! Cute pictures. Glad you had fun.

Amanda said...

OMG I am totally terrified right now!! LMAO...you and guns...insane to me...xoxo