Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Movie Night

This is us! We went to the 10:40 show at The District's Megaplex. 
WOW.....Don't we look like teenagers!
Pictured above Left to right: Brooke's sister (so sorry I don't remember 
her name), Brooke, Me, Amy (sticking her head in the picture) and Sarah. 
Polly, Amy and Mandi

OK, so this is my review of the movie......
I thought it was good, not as good as the books. The actors were well chosen for the roles that they played. The problem I had with the movie was not being able to hear more of Bella's thoughts. I thought that she seemed more mature in the books. I think by being able to know her thoughts, you really connect with her more. To me, in the movie, she seemed like any other teenage girl that falls in love. I didn't feel the really deep connection that she had with Edward. Another aspect of the movie that I really liked was the humor. When I read the book I didn't get the humor out of it that they brought into the movie. All in all, I liked it and will see it again. I think I might have been over analyzing it because it's the first movie I have watched that was made from a book that I actually read. 
Kenlee has been begging me to take her to see it this weekend. We didn't get a chance, maybe next weekend. 


Brooke said...

Sheesh! I wish we were teenagers again-could I look any fatter! It was a fun night! All I have to say is OME!

Aubrey Anne said...

I totally agree. It's too bad they couldn't capture it all, but I think they did the best anyone could have done in a 2 hour time slot! :) I can't wait to see you guys this week, thanks for hosting thanksgiving again!

Randi said...

I agree. Although I am in love with edward. I was slightly disappointed by Jacob. He wasn't in it very much. Kinda shocked me a little bit. We should go see it again though for sure :)