Wednesday, November 12, 2008

POOF! Its gone...

My paid vacation days are all gone. We don't get sick leave so when we are sick or have a sick child, it comes out of our vacations days. And that's what has happened to me. All gone.

Sunday night, rather 1am Monday morning, Kenlee woke up screaming about her side hurting. I waited for a little while, then decided to take her to the ER. They found that she has another UTI and strep throat. Oh, turns out I have strep too! I have been sick for the past week and not getting any better. So now we are both on antibiotics. I took time off work Monday and Tuesday to be home with her. We are both feeling much better now and back to work and school.

I am sad because I wanted to save at least one vacation day for December so I could have an extra Christmas day off. Such is life, right?

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Aubrey Anne said...

Sad! I'm sorry you guys are sick!!! I hope you're feeling better soon!