Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

This is scary Halloween ME!
Totally 80's. Randi & I at work, well outside the building.
I don't have pictures of Kenlee in her costume on this computer. When I can, I will update with her pictures.
What is up with Halloween these days? I only had like 10 kids stop by our house for candy!


Randi said...

You are so stinking pretty! You make me look like crap! Haha! I love you!

Aubrey Anne said...

YOU LOOKED SO CUTE!!!! haha I love it! And Kenlee... she really did look dead a little bit. Whoever was in charge of the makeup, well. done. I see you took my advice on the shirt being too tight for the 80's. LOL I just remember my sisters wearing way baggy shirts/sweatshirts! Hope to see you guys again soon, it sucks being home but still not seeing you.