Monday, August 4, 2008

Twilight Books

On Friday on my way home from work I stopped at Smiths to get some things for dinner. They happened to have the book "Twilight", it was only like $7.50, so I bought it. I started reading it later that night. I couldn't put it down, by Saturday night I had finished it. I picked up the second in the series "New Moon" on Sunday, I needed more. I am so glad that I waited until now to get started reading them. I wouldn't have been able to wait! You could say that I'm officially hooked! I figure by tonight I will be starting on the third book "Eclipse". I am very excited...... And then I find out they have made a movie that will be out in December!!!! Yippee!


The Didericksen's said...

Oh they are the best arn't they!! I love them!! And good thing you waited for the very last 4 book to come out! I think everyone is addicted to those books!!

jaelle said...

Hey Krista, I just wanted to tell you that I dont have myspace anymore, i am on facebook- i like it sooo much better than myspace. you can look me up there if you have a facebook- its jaelle garner kaylor. anywho, my email is and you can still check out the blog we keep for our family
love ya!!
ps- tell kenlee we are soo excited that she is in 4th grade! that is crazy!