Friday, August 13, 2010

Moon Lake 2010

We went camping at Moon Lake from Thurs. Aug 5th -Sun. Aug. 8th. It was our little family and Ken, Justin's Dad, and Ashlie (Kenlee's cousin). It's really beautiful up there. The weather stayed cool and it rained almost every day. But, we had fun anyway! Justin took up his boat and did some fishing with the girls and his Dad. Ken brought up his canoe. Ashlie and Kenlee both liked taking the canoe out with him. Other than Kenlee throwing up in the tent the first night and making a nasty mess and Ken not feeling well for the last little bit of the trip, it went pretty well. Enjoy the pics!
On the Hike
Our campsite
Sitting around the campfire

Kenlee and Ashlie being sillyUs girls being silly in the tent when it was raining.
Grandpa carving Kenlee's name on a piece of wood.
Beginning our hike

Ashlie taking a break
Kenlee is not a hiker...yep, she pretty much hates it. Ashlie was a trooper though :)

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natterbee said...

Ashlie had a blast camping with you guys! You were so nice to take her and she was SO happy to spend some time with Kenlee. And I think she took enough pictures of nature and the campfire that when I was looking through the pictures it was sort of like I was right there with you! Thanks again!