Monday, July 26, 2010

Truck and Boat

We bought a little truck to take camping. Our old brown beast, although it never left us stranded, cost a fortune to take anywhere. So we bought this Toyota Pickup.
Justin has been going fishing quite a bit lately. He decided that he likes trolling better than fishing from the bank. He found this little boat for a really great price. It is only a fishing boat though :( Maybe someday we will get a ski boat. But, until we can pay cash for it...this will have to do!


Amanda said...

Very cool. Welcome to the world of owning a boat. Hopefully, yours won't be a hassle like the rest of the boats in the neighborhood:)

The Didericksen's said...

That will be so much fun!!

Amanda said...

I love the pictures! I bet you are having so much fun with it!