Thursday, August 19, 2010

She can SWIM!

Back when Kenlee was about 5 years old we put her in swimming lessons. This was before we had her ADHD under control. It was a total waste of money and time. She just did her own thing and didn't learn anything.
This year Sarah (my good friend & neighbor) watched her while she was out of school for the summer. She took Kenlee to swimming lessons with her kids. I am proud to say that Kenlee can now swim! Its kind of sad that it has taken this long. She picked up on it super fast and did a great job!

Diving is not her favorite
Kenlee in a race with a boy doing the breaststroke
She was really good at it and won this little race!
I'm not sure what this dive is!
With friends during free time


natterbee said...

Great job, Kenlee! I think we wasted a lot of time and money giving my kids lessons before they were really ready to learn how to swim, so don't feel bad that she didn't learn until now. What's important is that she knows now! She's growing up too fast, though; tell her to stop it!

Debbie said...

This is way cool, Kenlee! Congratulations. I still can't even swim.

Amanda said...

I love the pics! Looks like so much fun. Good for your daughter too!