Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping The Spruces

Our most recent camping trip was to the Spruces.....It is absolutely gorgeous up there! One of my favorite camping trips so far! (I guess that could be because they have running water and bathrooms.)
Views from our campsite

Our heavy duty Springbar Tent pole broke! Good thing we weren't too far away to go into town and get a new one (and spare).

Our tent.
We hiked up to donut falls. Kenlee hated it with a passion. This little girl is our friend, Brandon's neice and she was adorable. I probably would adopt her :)
A hummingbird got trapped in our tent. Justin caught it and set it free. I have never seen one this still. It was so pretty!

Then we did a little fishing at Silver Lake.

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natterbee said...

These pictures make me want to go camping! Oh, how the summer flies by! Ashlie is super excited for this weekend and I'm so glad she'll get to spend some time with Kenlee. Thanks for inviting her!