Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Melting!!!

****OUR A/C IS BROKEN***!!!!!!!***Noooooooo***!!!!!
Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, so far........about 90 degrees I think! We turned on the A/C before leaving for work Monday morning, hoping to come home to a nice cool house later. When we got home......79 degrees was what it said on the thermostat. The A/C isn't working AT ALL!!!! Last night was one of the most horrible night's sleep (or should I say, NOT sleep) I have had in such a long time! I am such a baby, really...but I do have to say that Justin is just as bad, if not worse, than me. I am taking the day off work on Wednesday, so I can stay in my nice, warm, cozy house all day long, doesn't that sound fun??!? Actually, we are having our Sleep Number Bed delivered and the HVAC guy is fixing (hopefully) our A/C! I am really excited and really not excited at the same time, if that is even possible. We will just wait until Wednesday and try to survive this horrible experience!! (Too dramatic??)


Aubrey Anne said...

Haha, when Josh was a little tiny baby the A/C quit working at my mom's house and I thought we were going to DIE!! It was probably about this time of year, too. He cried all night long cause it was so hot and I was at LEAST as dramatic as you lol!

RN 4 Kids said...

is it central air? if so...ours froze the first time we turned it on last year because our filter was too dirty.....maybe you've already checked that...but they told us to change it every month...good luck, and that sucks...but fun you are getting a new bed!

justin said...

It is central air, it's not frozen....just dead. Justin is a filter changing fanatic and does it all the time because of his allergies!

Krista Miller said...

That was me, not Justin...he was logged in...oops!

Debbie said...

So sorry! Bummer on the AC; congratulations on the day off and new bed!

Leanne said...

Hey there! My name is Leanne, and I actually work for Select Comfort for their online customer service team. Bummer about your air conditioner, I am having the same exact problem! Thank goodness for windows! Hopefully you were able to get it fixed.. Unfortunately, I'm still working on mine.

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Sweet Dreams!

Leanne Williams