Monday, February 2, 2009

Workin Out @ Work

Today I brought in my 30 Day Shred video to do at lunch with Randi. The video we had been using last week was "I Want That Body" by Tamilee (she did all the Buns, Legs, Abs of Steel videos). The "I want that body" is mostly strength and toning muscles, it's not easy but it doesn't make you sweat like 30 Day Shred. I must say, sweat and work don't make a good mix.I sure am glad I brought my spray-on deodorant!
I thought this was funny......
I should mention that my office is on the 2nd floor. After the workout, we went downstairs and my boss told us that we were shaking the whole building. Customers were asking what was going on and all he said was, "Have you ever seen Jumangi". Rude, but funny!

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