Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Fat Loser

I am doing a Biggest Loser type weight loss contest with my co-workers. We are calling it "Big Fat Loser". It started on Jan. 6th and ends on March 31st. The worst part is getting on that scale in front of everyone. It's humiliating! I need to get serious about it. This first week of competition I haven't been very good at all. I haven't been watching my diet or exercising. Although, I did quit drinking soda (again) and did a lot of cleaning around the house yesterday, does that count as exercising? I swear, I was running or close to it! Anyway, wish me luck!


Weenie said...

I hear ya on that one! Its SO much harder than I ever thought it could be. I stopped drinking soda too:) We can do this. No eating out. No soda. Come on girl!

Ashley and Andrew said...

Cleaning your house totally counts as exercise! I'm a dork and looked it up... If your cleaning was considered "vigorous" (which if you were almost running I'm sure it was ;) then you burn about 200 calories an hour. Pretty good, right!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the biggest loser when you keep feeding us delicious chili and lasagna. How are we supposed to lose weight when you keep feeding us. We are pigs and will eat anything. I think you are setting us up to lose the biggest loser contest. That's o.k. I will lose if you keep up the great cooking. YUM YUM