Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Basement Improvements 2008

We have been very slowly finishing our basement. We decided to pay as we go and only finish what we can pay in cash. Needless to say, it won't be totally finished for quite a while. Right now
we have a hall, one bedroom, a storage closet and the laundry room. I love my laundry room! No more concrete and 2x4's!!! I also have to add that Justin surprised me with the drywall. When we took our trip to California last Spring, he arranged for his Dad and brothers (& brother-in-law) to put up all the drywall for the rooms we were finishing. I was shocked and excited! I know they put a lot of time and effort into it and we are very greatful for it! Then Ken (Justin's dad) stayed with us while he worked on the mudding and all the finish drywall work. Now besides some minor things and carpet, that part is completed. Our basement is about 1600 sq feet and now about 500 of it is finished. It feels great and makes us want to keep going.
My laundry room!!

My storage closet!! I love this as much as the laundry room. I can fit all of our storage in this room. Our neighbor, Gary and Justin built the shelves and they are awesome!!!

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Weenie said...

Yay for a cute laundry room :) Your house is SO pretty! you need to put up pics of your newly cleaned closet :)