Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Together

Yep, we are a package can't have one without the other :) He's my best friend. It just works!


Anonymous said...

KENLEE? hee hee!

Debbie said...

I love this picture and love that you guys have made it work!

Ken Miller said...

Justin and Krista,

Yes, you have made it work. I know it hasn't always been easy for either of you, but apparently you both understand the nature of true love . . . that it is most often a decision, not a feeling.

You've learned to "fan the fires of love when all the kindling is used up". You've learned that the deepest and best kind of love is created by work; it is not the result of luck or fortune or even natural compatibility . . . is is a byproduct of WORK. You've worked to preserve and enhance your relationship when you could have just let it go, each focusing on what was most important to yourself and ignoring what was important to the other.

I've witnessed how you both think about what's important to the other and I've watched you support each other rather than condemn each other as you deal with your differences. You honor and respect your differences, you don't just tolerate them.

May you have many more years together and may you work to make each of them more enjoyable than the last one. That's the most we can ask for from any true companion, that they strive to make the future better than the past has been . . . and then we must honor their efforts . . . as imperfect as they may be.

I love and honor you both.


Krista Miller said...

Thank you :)

Aubrey Anne said...

It appears that we can't have EITHER of you, actually, let alone both.

Aubrey Anne said...

Krista, I'm sorry about the negative comment I left on this blog post. I am very happy my brother has you, and that you have my brother... and I'm especially glad my family gets to have you both in our family. Sorry I jumped to frustration, I love you.

natterbee said...

Time for a new blog post, I think! :)