Monday, June 28, 2010

Visiting/ Fishing with Grandpa Madsen & Sandy

We went up to Oakley to visit with Justin's Grandpa and Sandy this past weekend. Grandpa took Justin and Kenlee out fishing early on Saturday. They went to the Rockport Reservior. Kenlee had a good time and Justin got 2 (that he kept anyway) fish. I went out with them later in the day and we got another one. I actually got to reel it in...that's always exciting! Then they went out again on Sunday! We love being on the boat and Justin had a good time spending time with his Grandpa. Here are some of the pics..... Grandpa Madsen and Justin

Justin threading a worm...ICK!

Kenlee Fishin'

Grandpa and Kenlee waiting for a bite
Kenlee is super thrilled in the pic
Feel the love :)
This is actually how she looks most of the time unless I made her smile...such a Grumpy Gus much cuter when she smiles
The one I got to reel in
Sun setting on the lake and right in our eyes....gorgeous from our view anyway

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natterbee said...

I love your new blog background! That's so nice that you guys got to go fishing with Grandpa & Sandy. You got some great pictures! I especially love the contrast between Kenlee frowning and smiling. She must be practicing to be a teenager!