Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Addition!!

We adopted a new kitty to our family a week ago today! She's just a little squirt and so full of energy! Her name is Sarah....which is also our neighbor and good friend's name....she is allergic to cats and doesn't really like them. So, we though this might soften her heart a little. We also thought it was pretty funny!
Meeting Sam for the first time...they took a while to warm up to each other
already climbing on the furniture
Kenlee LOVES her!
They are getting along great now....they even play together a little bit


natterbee said...

Sarah is a cute little kitty. Almost makes me want one. We better not visit until it's grown a bit or my kids are going to be BEGGING for one just like her! I'm glad you guys have pets for Kenlee to love. She's lucky you guys love cats. My poor kids wish they could have a pet that doesn't live in an aquarium!

Momtothreebabies said...

awwww!!!! She's so cute. oh and the kitten is cute too, lol! Oh I miss you guys and Kenlee is growing up sooo fast. NOT FAIR!!!! love you guys! jl