Monday, September 28, 2009

912 Project

On Saturday, September 12th, we participated in the 912 Project...we gathered at the Capital in SLC. Justin and I have been getting more interested in and frightened by our government recently. We decided that we should go and support something that we strongly believed in. The 912 project is this, as quoted from their website:

"This is a non-political movement. The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

That same feeling – that commitment to country is what we are hoping to foster with this idea. We want to get everyone thinking like it is September 12th, 2001 again."

I never thought I would participate in something like that. It turned out to be really good and motivational. They had really great speakers, including one of our favorite politicians, Congressman Jason Chaffetz.

We were able to check out the inside of the capital as well while we were there. It was amazing! Here are some pics...