Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saving Money

Our fuel for last month was $375. I almost fainted.
Justin and I have been carpooling for the last couple of weeks to try to save some money. When we started, it was just a few days a week. This week, it has been every day. It has been nice to get to talk and have the extra time together, also Justin can't run away, he's stuck.
I am so glad that we bought our Civic Hybrid. Not to brag, but I can go over 500 miles on a tank. It was almost 600 when I didn't have to use the A/C. It has been wonderful!
Camping will sure be expensive this year. I just can't wait!


The Leavitt Family said...

Love the new layout! Thanks for all the sweet compliments, you're just great! I'm glad we're friends! :) Talk to you soon, I will bring you your order on Saturday morning if that works for you! LOVE YA!

Aubrey Anne said...

So jealous. It cost us $63 to fill up this time, and it only lasts us 2 1/2 days. :(