Friday, September 16, 2011

7th grader

On August 29th Kenlee started 7th grade! She goes to the middle school just a couple blocks from our house! You can actually see it from our backyard. It's huge!
She has had some ups and downs, stress and anxiety. All in all I think she's liking much as a kid can like school anyway. She really enjoys the options at lunch and getting to pick whatever she wants. I like that too after having to make her lunches for years!
Of all her classes, keyboarding is stressing her out the most. I am not a very good typist so I can relate to that. Her Math book is online and so COOL! It has very helpful video tutorials.....Man could I have used that when I was in school!
Anyway, that's my update on her for now.

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Aubrey Anne said...

That's so awesome, she looks so old and super cute!!