Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More running, less eating

Since my Ragnar race in October, I have gained 10 pounds! How did this happen?? I'll tell got cold and I got lazy! That's right, no running! Its really upsetting to me because I know how hard I will have to work to lose it again. It doesn't help that I am eating everything in sight!
We started another weight loss competition at work a little while far, no good! I feel like I need to eat everthing like its the last time I will ever get a chance. My clothes are tight, I am not sleeping well and I just overall feel crappy! I am wishing and hoping that someday really soon I will snap out of it and find the energy and motivation I need to get in gear!

Other news....
We are refinancing our house to a 15-year mortgage. It has been frustrating and stressful! Every day is another problem. It makes me wonder what it would be like if we didn't have excellent credit and equity in our home. They say we will be able to close by the 28th....I won't hold my breath!

Kenlee went to the dentist yesterday. She has been having some tooth pain and she lost a filling in a permanent molar. It turns out, she has to get a root canal in that molar. I can't believe it. We don't have dental insurance so I'm sure that will cost a pretty penny.

Anyway...kind of a depressing post today. That's just life, right?

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natterbee said...

That's so great you're getting a 15-year mortgage! You're so smart!

I hope Kenlee's teeth problems are all better by now. Poor girl!