Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a Jazz fan

We saw Deron Williams and Al Jefferson at Cafe Rio during lunch today. I have to admit, I did want to be like all the other stupid fans and ask to take a picture with them....but I didn't. They declined many offers to take their picture...except a lady who had a baby...dang it, why didn't I think of that! Who can resist a baby? I just sat there, in their presence and that was enough for me. Ok.....I didn't just sit there, I texted everyone I thought would care and bragged that I ate lunch with them :) People get crazy stupid around celebrities...why?

Here are my other celebrity encounters:
Matt Harpring- waiting for an elevator at St. Marks Hospital (after his wife had a baby). I actually didn't recognize him at first and looked up (about 4 feet) and said, "Man you're tall"... DUH!
Kelsey Grammer- at Disneyland going to the front of the line with his girls while we waited :(
Yep, that's the only ones I can remember. My life is LAME!


natterbee said...

Wow! I can't believe you've encountered so many celebrities. Not many celebrities hang out in the same places I do. You know, at my house or the stores I frequent!

Aubrey Anne said...

hahaha, you're a silly girl! Where's the post about the ring??