Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camping with Canadians

We sold our camping trailer and then decided that maybe we want to go camping. So, we bought a tent......not just any tent though, its a Springbar canvas tent! It's used but good enough for us :)
Last weekend we went camping with an old friend, Brandon, and his friends. There were two girls that drove down from Alberta, Canada to go camping with us in Utah...isn't that Crazy! Here are a few of the pics from our adventure......
What's camping without shooting??
sitting by the fire right before dark (notice the "new" tent in the background)

Of course Kenlee had to bring a kite to fly, in her pj's...I will never understand that kid.
Oh, they have cool stuff in Canada, like colored fire! This picture doesn't do it justice though. They brought packets you put in the fire that really turn the fire different colors...SO COOL!
And the biggest dang marshmallows you've ever seen!
I wish I would have taken more pictures, maybe even with people in them...lol!
Oh, well...next time.

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Debbie said...

I'm glad you get to go camping again. This looks like fun. Where did you go?