Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crazy Kitty

So we have had our new kitty for about 2 months now. We don't know for sure how old she is, but we are estimating about 18 weeks old. She is so cute and sooooo naughty. Here are some pics I thought I would share.

Here she is with Sam eating/drinking...she managed to get her head in there to get some too....eventually pushing him out of the way.
Kenlee loves to do tricks with her....she is growing so fast! She is always on the move...
She has really taken to my wicker cubes, they actually look worse now. Her little claws are tearing them up. I figure at least it's not something I care a lot about and would cost a lot to replace.
The other day after work, I found this in my bedroom. I wonder how this happened?????

Then she gets tired and is so cute when she's sleeping...makes you want to pick her up to cuddle!
The sign is hard to read. It says "Shhh Sarah's Sleeping" by Kenlee, of course.

She really is a sweet kitty and we love her! (until she does some serious damage, j/k, but not really)

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