Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Poor Neglected blog!!

I feel so sad for my blog. It has been needing an update for sooooo long. It has been terribly neglected. I have intended to, promise!! Here is what has been going on.......

*I just finished my last class that I need for my Credit Management accreditation. That was terribly stressful and I am so releived to be done for a little while. It was only one 2-hour class once a week and it was all-comsuming for me. I have no idea how people do college and work full time, or have a family to take care of. That's amazing to me!!

* I am in charge of my work's Christmas Party every year. I have to get vendor's to donate gifts to give away at the party, choose and reserve the place, try to please everyone with their different food preferences. Its a lot of work, but I enjoy it.

* One family Christmas party down, The Madsen Christmas party. That wasn't too terribly stressful because I didn't really do anything.

* All the other normal things around this time of the, shipping, sleeping, eating.

Still to come.......Christmas Eve Breakfast for everone at my work that I do every year and Grandma Baker's Christmas Eve Party. Busy, busy.

What has made everything worse is that I have been sick. This week I got the flu. Monday at 2am all the lovely effects of the flu started presenting themselves. I won't go into detail, you know what I am talking about. I feel as though I have fully recovered now, thank GOODNESS!!
By the way, I don't usually get sick, and never the flu. This year I got a flu shot, go figure.

Now I have no more excuses. Back to business!

I would have posted pictures but Justin has downloaded them to our home computer and I rarely get to use that computer. If Justin isn't on it, Kenlee is. Anyway I will make a honest attempt to put up some pictures. Until then...........


Randi said...

Your life is crazy girl! Im proud of you for finishing school though :). You are amazing! The work party turned out great, I'm sure everyone else had a blast! Me and Rach sure did! Can't wait for the Christmas eve breakfast. Love ya!

Debbie said...

Wow Krista! Congratulations on this accomplishment with school, along with everything else going on. FYI: the flu shot works on 3 strains of influenza and they're all respiratory. You managed to get a different virus apparently. Sorry about that. Glad you're getting better though and good luck with the upcoming party. What a social planner you are!